It’s MARCH MADNESS time. No I don’t mean college basketball. I mean March MADNESS workout time.

We aren’t wasting any time today. I am glad that you are still here and made it through last month’s workout routine. Another month to be proud and let us know about your progress.

Let’s get right to the March MADNESS Fat BLASTER Workout.

March MADNESS Fat Blaster
March MADNESS Fat Blaster

As usual we will base this workout on the 5X Fitness program. That is 5 movements, each performed for 30 seconds with 20-30 between each movement. When you complete 5 rounds you have completed the workout.

You can take 30 seconds to 2 minutes rest in between each round if needed. Perform this workout Mon-Wed-Fri.

If you want you can do some light running, rowing or bicycling on any other days. Drink a lot of water.

Do each movement for 20-30 seconds with 20 -30 seconds rest between each movement. Rest 30 seconds – 2 minutes between rounds.

March MADNESS Workout
1- Jumping Jacks
2- Pushups
3- DBell Shoulder Press
4- DBell Chest Press
5- Mountain Climbers

HANG TOUGH! The workouts don’t get any easier, you just keep getting better. You are burning fat building muscle and looking better.

Check out our sister site Fat Blaster Kitchen for some great healthy recipes.

Until next time – BE STRONG!

Always, consult with your physician or health practitioner before starting any exercise or diet program.