Lose Body Fat With Kettlebells

Lose Body Fat With Kettlebells
It is widely recognized that an active lifestyle helps to ward off many modern-day diseases. Keeping fit is a vital measure if you wish to enjoy a better quality of living.

The market is awash with numerous products that promise to help you shed off unwanted weight quickly. Selecting an effective product is a challenge for many. If you’re looking to lose some of your weight, you may want to try a product as simple as kettlebells.

Why Use Kettlebells?
Kettlebells are a highly effective type of personal training equipment. The item is so-named because it resembles a kettle. It consists of a cannonball body with a flat iron foundation and solid rounded handle, attached to the body at the top.

Due to their high versatility, kettlebells are often referred to as a “hand-held gym.” Although kettlebells have been around for centuries, they have enjoyed a surge of popularity in mainstream fitness in recent years. Using kettlebells combines strength and cardiovascular training, which increases the metabolic rate.

This makes the product a highly effective double-pronged attack in losing fat. However, performing kettlebell workouts can be difficult when you’re just starting out.

Getting a certified kettlebell instructor can help to speed your progress and help you use exercise safely.

How to Use Kettlebells to Lose Fat and Weight

It is best to engage in some activities to warm up your body before you work out. Warm-up activities help to relax your muscles, ligaments, and joints. A 10-minute warm-up session is sufficient.

Kettlebell workouts are designed to burn a significant amount of calories very quickly. They also help to increase your cardiovascular endurance.

Some kettlebell workouts to help you lose body fat include the swing and squat.

• Swing – The swing is the foundation of a kettlebell workout. Kettlebell swings can be done indoors or outdoors. This involves bending and stretching as you swing the kettlebell with your hands. Stand on a level surface and place your feet shoulder width apart. Use both hands to pick a kettlebell from the ground, between your legs.

Swing the kettlebell backwards, between your legs, as far as you can, without straining. Allow it to swing forward between your legs, thrusting forward with your hips and keeping your arms relaxed as you swing.

Lift the kettlebell to chest level then swing it back in the reverse direction, passing it between your legs. This motion may be repeated up to 50 times or as far as your fitness regime allows.

• Squat – AKA – The Goblet Squat – This is designed to help you lose fat on your legs and hips. Stand with your feet spaced slightly apart. Hold the handle of a kettlebell with both hands and lift it with outstretched hands from the ground, up to your chest.

Squat down slowly as you maintain the kettlebell at chest level. To return to a standing position, push with your glutes. Be sure to hold the kettlebell with outstretched hands at chest level as you move from squat to standing position.

Aim to perform 2 to 3 sets, up to 8 times.
It is important that you combine kettlebell workouts with other aspects of a healthy lifestyle, such as eating a healthy diet.

Calorie amounts and recommended nutrients vary from one individual to the next, depending on factors such as age, weight, activity level and medications in use. It is best to consult your doctor in drawing an effective weight-loss diet.

Kettlebells are a great resources for your fitness lifestyle. Keep checking The Fat Blaster Workout Blog for tips, workouts & more.

Be Well & Stay Strong!