How Often Should You Change Your Workout Routine?

How Often Should You Change Your Workout Routine?
There is no absolute rule about the frequency of changing your routine. Some top bodybuilders have used the same workout for years and others change fairly often. So you have quite a bit of latitude when it comes to changing what you do. However, there are a few issues to consider when looking at changing your workout.

Changing up your routine is good.
Changing up your routine is good.

Consistency Counts
Being consistent with your routine makes a big difference. If you switch out often you can’t establish good baseline strength points. When you work with the same approach for awhile you can indeed build in baseline strength points. And you also need to let a workout have some time in order to have some effect.

After awhile you can realize some real gains that you wouldn’t realize if you flip your routine all the time.
Stay with a routine long enough to be able to actually see gains – either in the amount of weight you are lifting, or in the rep range, or in the actual size of your muscles.

Change is Also Good
It is smart on occasion to give your body some new challenges and that means changing your routine. So you want to keep a workout long enough to get some good progress from it, but you can also benefit from change. The change is beneficial to both your mind and your muscles.

You should give a good routine at least three months to have some effect. If the routine is not getting there, then you can switch out. But if the routine is producing results, stick with it. Push it out to four months, then five, and six. And maybe even a year if your results are there. A good routine is worth keeping around. And when you do switch out of a good routine, make sure you write it down in a training journal so you can get back to it later on.

So when should you switch?
Your own mind and body will tell you. When you start considering other routines and exercises, that’s a sign that soon it will be time to switch and try something new.

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