2017 – Fat Blaster New Year Kick-start Workout

You have made your New Year’s goals and one is to workout and get in shape. Here is a great 8 week program to get you KICK STARTED!

Kick Start your workout year.
Kick Start your workout year.

Wa – 30 – Jumping Jacks (If you aren’t able to do full jumping jacks then do side step
Wb – 20 – Prisoner Squats (these are squats with your hands behind your head)
Wc – 20 Sec – Superman Stretch


Grab a drink – REMEMBER TO DRINK!
1a – 20 – Mountain Climbers (10 each leg)
1b – 20 – Reverse Lunges (10 each side)

2a – 20 – Hip Extensions
2b – 20 – Dumbbell/Resistance Band – Squat Press

3a – 20 Sec. Push-ups (If you can’t do push-ups then hold a push-up plank for 20
3b – 30 Dumbbell/Resistance Band Curls. (That’s right. Don’t go too light but not too
heavy. I want you to get in 15 each side.

4a – 20 Sec – Chair Dips. DO NOT QUIT! Get the full 20 seconds in.
4b – 30 Sec – Front Elbow Plank

Rest 2 – 3 minutes and then repeat. 2 rounds should be a great workout for you since you
are just kicking things off. If you feel that can do a 3rd round then go ahead. Just
remember do not over do it, you are just getting started.

Don’t forget COOL DOWN & Stretch for 3-5 minutes.

Until next time – BE STRONG!

Always, consult with your physician or health practitioner before starting any exercise or diet program.